The Best Tips For An Successful Streaming

Tips For A Successful Streaming

Live Streaming Is A Relatively New Phenomenon That Was, At First, Just A Curiosity. Today, Marketing That Goes To Live Broadcasts Has Become A Very Real And Viable Way For Brands To Reach Their Followers And Generate An Additional Revenue Stream.

Perform Advance Tests And Tests Often.

Use The Real Equipment In The Real Location With The Stage You Are Going To Use. When This Is Not Possible, Work With The Closest To What You Will Wear That Day And Then When Being On The Day Of The Event Do Additional Tests.

It Is Important That You Know Your Bandwidth (Upload / Upload) .

Make Sure You Have Enough Bandwidth To Send A High Quality Live Video Streaming Signal For Your Event. This Usually Means Making Sure You Are On A Wired Connection That Is Not Shared With Many Other Users. Try To Connect Directly To The Modem And Not Via Wi-Fi.

Make Sure That At The Times When They Are Going To Transmit, The State Of The Internet Is Optimal And Works Without Interference.

Know Your Team.

Avoid Buying New Video Equipment Which You Will Not Have The Opportunity To Use Until The Day Of The Event. Practice With The Equipment You Already Have This Will Give You Plenty Of Time To Get Comfortable With The Technology Before It Is Time For The Sunday Meeting Event Or Broadcast. Remember That To Transmit The Minimum Necessary Is A Pc, Internet Connection And A Camera That Connects Via Usb Or Console.

Know And Use A Software / Hardware That Suits Your Needs:

Defend Yourself With Programmes Like Obs Studio, Vmix, Wirecast, Xplit, Among Others. Learn To Correctly Use At Least 1 Programme (Broadcaster Software), We Recommend Obs Studio, It Is Very Stable, Consumes Few Resources And Its Download Is Free.

There Is Also The All-In-One Hardware, That Is, To Not Depend On A Pc To Make The Connection, Usually In These Only The Video Input Source Is Connected And Configured With The Connection Data, Some Are A Bit Limited But Like Everything, At A Higher Cost, Better Benefits.

Seeks To Achieve Good Lighting.

Without Good Lighting, The Camera (S) Can Introduce Visual Noise – Which Will Result In A Poor Quality, Blocky Or Pixelated Image. Put On Some Lighting, Or Use A Bright Room And Have The People Coming Into The Frame Look Towards The Light Source To Avoid Unflattering Shadows.

Sound Quality Is Also Important

If The Audio Is Not Understood, Your Live Streaming Event Will Be Impossible To View. Avoid Problems And Get A Good Microphone That Connects To The Camera Or Get The Audio Signal From The Audio Console Of Your Event If They Will Use One.

If You Use The Microphone Of The Camera It Will Not Be Heard Well Because In An Event In For Example A Church You Will Hear The Audio Of The Environment That Will Be Mixed With That Of The Speakers / Speakers.

Always Have Backup Copies Of Your Backups.

Record A Local Copy Of Your Live Broadcast Using A Video Tape, Dvd Or Hard Disc Recorder; Also Try To Record The Output Of Each Camera If Possible. Have Extra Microphones, Extra Batteries, Cables, And Ideally, A Secondary Audio System, A Spare Camera, And The Encoding Settings For Your Streaming Service.

Promote Your Event.

Promoting Is Very Important, At Least Three Different Times In Three Different Ways. Send Weekly Reminder Emails To Your Registered Email List, One Day Before, One Hour And Five Minutes Before The Live Event. You Can Use Email, Also Facebook And Twitter Are Very Effective, Or Even Make A Phone Call To Invite Attendees Directly. Ask Your Influential Friends Who Have Multiple Followers To Help You Tweet About The Event From Their Personal Accounts.

Live Before. A Necessary And Due Trial

Start Your Streaming 15 To 60 Minutes Early To Ensure Everything Is Working Properly From One End To The Other. Spectators Arriving Early Will Start Spreading The Word Near Your Live Event.

Make It Interactive.

Make The Event More Attractive By Broadcasting Behind The Scenes, Use Interactive Chats And With Questions In Real Time From The Audience. Broadcast The Event As Long As Possible Before And After The Main Action – Longer Streams Earn More Attendance And Generate More Commentary.

Remember Not To Treat Those Who Observe You As Strangers, They Are People Who Decided To See You With Hope And Surely Questions, So Talk To Them, Amuse Them With Comments, Be Polite, Read Their Questions And Answer Them With Humility Builds Trust.

Prepare For Everything:

In Mind The Existence Of The Variants At The Time Of A Live Broadcast. Staying Aware Of The Possibilities Of Something Going Wrong And Being Prepared To React Positively Is One Of The Keys To Success For All Kinds Of Businesses.

Perseverance And Schedule Achieves The Goal:

So You Are Going To Broadcast 24 Hours A Day, Make A Live Broadcast Schedule, A Specific Time One Day A Week. That Makes It Easier For Users To See Your Streams, To Continue To See Them And To Recommend Them. Remember What I Said Before, This Is The New Television, Having A Schedule Will Ensure That Those Who See You Are Unoccupied When They Broadcast.

Keep Broadcasting

Broadcast Your Event “As Live” Just Like Television Does And Its Announcers Usually Do. The Best Time To Maximise Your Audience Is Immediately After The Live Event Ends. Keep The Player Of The Recorded Video On The Same Web Page And That It Is Available Through The Same Url As Its Original Live Stream. Something Very Good If Your Streaming Has An Auto Dj Service, Where You Can Later Load The Video And Pretend To Be Live Even If It Is A Pre-Configured List.

Publish Your Transmission On Your Website And / Or In Your App

It Is Important To Know Where Your Broadcast Can Be Enjoyed Either On Your Website Or In Your Android Or Iphone App. If You Require An App, You Can Request It With Us From Our Website.

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