Jeffery Lupient is an esteemed entrepreneur, life coach, and motivational speaker in Minnesota, USA. He currently serves as the CEO and President of The Lupient Automotive Group, one of the most credible and highly esteemed car dealerships in the region. He is a devoted family man and deeply loves his wife, whom he attributes to being the pillar of his success today.

Jeffrey Lupient wife has been a constant source of motivation and inspiration in his career path. Besides being a successful businessman, he is energetic and positive in all his endeavors, primarily because his wife is a source of optimism he depends upon when making the right decision during challenging times.

The power of positive thinking

He says that when it comes to winning, it is for everyone. As a life coach and motivational speaker, he preaches the above to everyone he meets in his workshops. He says that people suffer from low self-esteem at some points in life, which is the prime reason for their failures in life. Even in his own life, he has seen dark days, and it was his wife that pulled him through. She has an amazing level of intelligence and positivity that is contagious. He immediately gets the support and energy he needs to bounce back from feeling low to perform and succeed again.

Helping others to succeed as well

Like his wife supports him, he also wishes to be a constant source of encouragement and support to others. He says that when it comes to success, never allow low self-esteem to dominate you. This gives rise to anxiety and depression that can become really serious issues in your life if they are not arrested in time.

He also adds that people who suffer from low self-esteem often attribute their failure to bad luck or fate. He says that you cannot just blame everything on fate or luck, especially when you are working at a job or even doing business.

Ask anyone who is successful in life; he says that grit and hard work are the key ingredients for success. Moreover, there are times when things do not go smooth as there are bad and good phases in life. One should never allow negative thought patterns to dominate them. The power of negative thoughts is much lesser than one positive thought that you can do it no matter what. The only thing you need to do is to think positively and work hard. Blaming luck will not bring you success.

Jeffrey Lupient Wife has helped him sail through his dark days, and he appreciates her presence in his life all the time. Being a motivational speaker and life coach helps him to do the same to others. In this way, he encourages and offers support to others that they can succeed too- the only thing they need to do is believe in themselves for success. This self-belief and drive will help them dispel the feelings of low self-esteem, and gradually they will succeed in life and fulfill all the dreams they have wished for.

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